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Political situation

Foreign policy of Finland (Finn. Suomen ulkopolitiikka) — maintenance of the foreign policy of Finland formulated as "military non-alignment and independent defense" (in 2013 the foreign commission of parliament canceled of relevance of this statement). Finland supports strengthening of friendship with all countries, first of all neighbors, plays an active role in the all-European process.

Economic situation

Finland - small advanced industrial countries. Its share in world production is small — 0,4%, in world trade — 0,8%. The gross internal product of Finland in 2002 made 140,5 billion euros. Growth in comparison with 2001 made 1,7%. Finland is included into the advanced group of the countries of the world on GDP indicator on the person — 34 585 US dollars (on purchasing power) or 44 488 US dollars (on nominal rate) according to 2010.

Interest rate of banks in Finland

Finnish banks conduct rigid fight for the clients needing similar crediting that is finally favorable also to them. Market interest rates and a margin in Finland are one of the lowest in Europe.
Interest rate on the loan under purchase of the house today within 3%. The real interest rate is the rate of loan percent corrected on the inflation counted by funds of GDP deflator.

Exchange rate of euro

Euro - a stable currency, which ranks second on the planet - 40% of the world's major agreements occur in Euro and 25% in foreign currency reserves is in euros. Euro gained a leading position as one of the major reserve currencies, on the spot where the currency was Germany (DM) and since then the position of the euro currency in government stocks rising, because when banks are trying to diversify their savings and commerce within the euro area picks up the pace.

Capacity of group

InnoTech Group has extensive experience in the construction of houses and commercial real estate, developed its own program of investment and adaptation of the investor and his family members in Finland. We keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Helsinki, working with many well-known architects of Helsinki, and in cases of co-financing can offer customers bank lending.

Management level

ТTimo Saini is CEO in our group of companies, experience more than 40 years on administrative roles in the largest companies of Finland. The last place of work - media concern with a turn more than 68 million euros.
Building experience our team gained from projects in Russia, Estonia and Finland, as the general contractor in the format and under the Trust Management

Working process

All companies in our group respect the legal and working rules of that country in which are realise construction projects. The customer if necessary can request the document confirming payment of taxes on a salary of workers on object of investment.
The risk with the conflicts on the organization of work is included in the report to the investor about the project course, the reporting on execution of the employment contract and payment of taxes once a month.

Technical equipment

СConstruction partners of InnoTech group of companies have all necessary tool and equipments necessary for a full cycle of construction, repair or reconstruction of buildings
Tools and / or lifting equipment is more profitable to lease, so we signed the contract with the largest companies providing equipment and cranes at competitive prices.


Investments, guarantees, PERMANENT RESIDENCE and general section



Investment in construction

?What minimum amount of investments in construction with profitability of 20%?

Minimum investment to the project on building of real estate - 350 000 euros. Co- financing option is also possible how option.

?What is provided in 20% profitability?

InnoTech group of companies is oriented by generation of profit from results of the work, groups is profited after payments to the investor, developing trust of the investor to the project and stimulating own development.

?Is it possible to invest in other cities in Finland?

Our projects it only Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa - capital region. This region the most active tending to growth, both demand, and the prices for square meter of residencial or commercial real estate

Investor's guarantees

?What guarantees at the investor after investment of capital in their safety and to target using?
We don't take money from the investor, we work by the principle of trust management where all funds are on the account of the company of the investor organized in Finland. Activity of the project is realised according to the contract on project management, investor is completely protected from dishonesty of the builder.
?What guarantees that at the end of the project the investor will receive a specified income and, if necessary, will remove their invested funds?
Money after sale of the constructed real estate accumulates on the closed bank account. The investor and Innotech has the right to use the account only after signing of the protocol on distribution of profit where the investor has a prime right. Only together and with the signed protocol Bank performs commission for distribution of profits to the investor's account and InnoTech, after which the temporary private bank account is canceled.
?How in case of force majeure situations in the market and absence of opportunity quickly to sell the constructed real estate?
If the property is not sold (usually always sold during the construction with readiness of 60-80%), then the object buys InnoTech and pay for investor full amount of investment and a profit of 20%.




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