инвестиции в строительство жилья


Investments in construction in Finland aren’t so popular for investors from the CIS countries, however the northern capital of Finland — Helsinki, can successfully be competitive with many countries of the European Union on profitability and guarantees.

Finland attracts foreigners with ski resorts, a quiet holiday at the lake, discounts and various actions in large shopping centers and of course proximity to borders of Russia.

Open for yourself anotherFinland, another Helsinki. Investments in construction of residential real estate in Helsinki it is our profil and your opportunities in the polar contry.

  • InnoTech Group works since 2010. We build up residential real estate in a format of investment projects, with private investors.
  • Residential real estate in the capital of Finland – Helsinki. A segment of clients – Finnish families, local population.
  • We build middle class housing for local population of Finland. Quality of finishing - minimalism.



Profitability for the investor - 20%
12 мес.
Investment period

Duration of investment projects - 12 months.




  • The Investor owns a construction object. Our company works by the principle trust management. That is we don't take the amount fo investment into the accounts, and we operate the project under the contract of management.

  • The management contract specifies the distribution of profits of the project, where the investor 20% in the first priority, and the rest is part of the management company.

  • Profit distribution takes place with the participation of the Finnish bank, which after the sale of real estate, the parties (investor and managing company) distribute profits. Sales of real estate received for closed bank account, access to which have only two parties at the time of distribution of profits according to the contract.

  • On readiness of the project, the investor can take a profit and continue to participate in another project or take the amount of investments and profits to their accounts and leave the project.



The Investor specifies the summ, which it is ready to invest in the project on real estate building.
OLSE Invest OU (further the builder) does project calculation where all necessary data of the project, including investment term is specified.
After the coordination of the design documentation, the investor makes the decision on arrival to Helsinki for the actual beginning of work and signing of necessary documents.


Opening of the Finnish company. The company of the investor is bought ready, founded in advance, in the company the Finnish board that removes powers at the moment of transfer of shares to the investor. In case the investor does not have citizenship of EU the chief executive is entered into board - the citizen or the resident of EU (the requirement under the legislation on the joint-stock companies of Finland) from outside the builder, the investor also can appoint the chief executive of the representative. Necessary time 1 hour.
Visiting of the Finnish bank and renewal of the bank account of firm on the data. All necessary documents for renewal will be received at purchase of the Finnish company at the lawyer. Necessary time 2-3 hours.
Contract signings between the builder and the investor in whom all data of the project, взаиморасчеты and share relations in the project, and a swagger major conditions and the fact of their coming into force is specified. Necessary time 1 hour.


The Investor, in the name of the company, further the Company of the investor, begins activity under the project. The builder gives all necessary documents on project work, insurance policies and other documents.
The Company of the investor carries out the first transfer of funds under the project where the special-purpose designation of funds is a payment of a site, architectural decisions and the beginning of civil work. The builder reports on the spent funds and their special-purpose designation monthly.
The Company of the investor carries out the second transfer of funds under the project, where a special-purpose designation of funds - civil work. Besides the documentary reporting on object online, the web camera is established. At the given stage marketing of the under construction real estate also begins.
Carries out the third transfer of funds under the project for payment of civil work. The beginning of sales of the real estate. Means received from real estate sale accumulate on closed bank to the account, according to the contract, between the builder and the investor.


Arrival of the investor to Helsinki. The builder and the investor hold final meeting on acceptance of all documentation, the budget and the reporting under the project. Certificate signing about distribution of profit and разблокировании the closed bank account. Necessary time of 1-2 hour.
Visiting of bank for an unblocking of the closed account on which all funds from real estate sale are accumulated. The investor and the builder give the certificate about distribution have arrived to workers of bank on which basis the closed account is closed, and funds from the account are distributed between the investor and the builder according to the contract. Necessary time 2-3 hours.
Decision-making on the following investment project or freezing of the Finnish company of the investor. The Finnish company can be frozen without day (the activity termination)


Arrival to Helsinki:tickets to Helsinki

Opening of the Finnish company: cost of the company 2 500 euros

Maintenance of firm: accounts department and other expenses of 5 000,00 euros a year

Residing and miscellaneous costs: all procedures of the preparatory period will be coordinated far off, in that case visiting of Helsinki on the preparatory period occupies about 8 hours
Project financing: it agree project estimates

Arrival to Helsinki: is not obligatory, all the reporting are made in electronic form.
Arrival to Helsinki: tickets to Helsinki

Residing and miscellaneous costs: all procedures of a final part of the project will be coordinated far off, in that case visiting of Helsinki on the preparatory period occupies about 8 hours


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