Short-term investments

Construction of houses in Helsinki. Projects from 12 to 14 months. The investor owns a real estate object before sale to clients. Profitability of the investor of 20% a year


Long-term investments

Ownership of commercial real estate of Helsinki and leasing. Payback in 8 years. The investor owns a real estate object. InnoTech operates real estate. Profitability of the investor of 9% a year


Potential partner investor is given work opportunity in the Finnish stable market of construction of new real estate. With the guaranteed income and a minimum level of risks.

Advantages:Предложение инвесторам

• property right to a real estate object is protected by the legislation of the European Union
• movement of funds on the investment project are completely controlled by the investor
• payment for work only upon their performance
• stable income of 20% per annum, object real estate is completely property of the investor
• guarantee of confidentiality of-100%.

Project objective

Building of liquid 1-3 floor line or pair houses in the most demanded region of Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa for the subsequent sale. Real estate in Helsinki has considerable advantages in comparison with real estate of other regions of Finland where major factors of successful activity — it is the high cost of ready buildings and a great demand on real estate.

Segment of clients
Предложение инвесторам

Buyers of real estate the Finnish families with 1-3 children, 1-2 working family members. Clients buy real estate usually through the bank, receiving a mortgage under low interest, usually for 25-30 years. Solvency of clients is provided with an insurance. The requirement of this type of clients is line or pair houses with an area of 80-90 sq.m. Style of structures and internal finishing minimalism.

Choice of sites for building

Sites for building are selected on regional accessory and only in Helsinki. The principle of selection is the official statistics of appeal of a certain area and the politician of cost of similar real estate in this area. All sites of Helsinki have a central heating and the electric power.

Pricing of ready real estate

Cost of ready real estate is defined generally by the district of the city where the cost of houses depends on the cost of similar types of real estate. New buildings are more expensive than old fund with difference of 25-30%.

Project choice for building

The Finnish laws establish strict requirements on number of storeys and to a house facade. The house cannot also is sharp differ on style of a structure. The given criteria allow to plan accurately result of the project as planned style of a structure and cost of the ready real estate as fact. In Finland, the home does not have a tendency to differences that ensures the stability of the market development. The project of houses gets out according to the chosen area and usually very simple.

Terms of realization of building
The period of creation of project documentation and obtaining the construction license on average takes 3 months. The period of construction of houses to full readiness borrows till 12 months.


Plan of works and acceptance of stages of construction works

In documentation for obtaining the construction license the project of the house, is described terms of construction and all applied materials. According to the specified terms / stages of construction acceptance reports of each stage will be agreed. Acceptance of construction stages is realize by independent supervisory authority, on the basis of what the document is issued. This act of reception of a stage serves as the official document both for final acceptance of a project, for possible clients or the bank, which is carrying out financing of construction or when financing the client for purchase. Construction of houses is realized by the Finnish company having experience in similar projects in Finland and Estonia.

Property sale
Предложение инвесторам

The sales of real estate realize agencies under the contract where search of clients on purchase of real estate begins the moment of readiness of a project of 40-50%, with readiness of a framework under a roof. The client at this stage signs the preliminary contract about purchases and can introduce amendments on internal re-planning and introduce amendments on internal finishing. In case of introduction of amendments the client pays all changes separately.

Participation of the investor

Participation in the project of the investor is fixed by the written contract. Risks of the investor are minimized by obligatory insurance of process of building at all stages until delivery to the client, and also for a warranty period of operation of the built house.

Step 1
Creation of the new Finnish investment company, investor have 100% shares, the citizen of Finland is appointed the executive director.
Step 2
Signing the contract of management of the project with the indication of all conditions and the amount of payments to both parties.
Step 3
The investor translates amount of investments for the account of the investment company.
Step 4
Purchase of the land parcel on the company of the investor, registration of the transaction, obtaining the construction license.
Step 5
The beginning of process of construction of houses according to the approved estimate and the monthly photo report on the course of works, from a laying of the base before completion of finishing works indoors. Construction payment stage-by-stage, on the course of works.
Step 6
The beginning of sale of the house at a stage of 40-50% of readiness.

Investments into construction, profitability - 20%

Investments into construction, profitability - 20%

Student's housing, profitability - 9%

Hostels in Helsinki, profitability - 9%
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