The real estate in Finland seldom experienced sharp recessions at cost, rather on the contrary the market of real estate has slow and stable growth. Differences in cost are observed, however they have the regularity and don't pose threat for investments.
Our company offers potential partners and investors favorable projects only in the capital region of Finland. The capital region of Finland is Helsinki and the so-called cities satellites of Vantaa and Espoo. Real estate cost in the capital region considerably differs from a total cost across Finland where cost can differ up to 70%.
  Недвижимость в Финляндии
Helsinki — real estate always had the high price and great demand in the local market. The real estate in Helsinki has no dependence on tourists and visitors, including on Russians. Thus and in 2015 the market of real estate has no problems with imposition of sanctions in relation to Russia and as a result of considerable reduction of number of tourists from Russia. Our projects real estate development in Helsinki are oriented on the Finnish families. The cost of old fund of real estate in Helsinki makes within 4100 — 4200 euros for sq.m, and new buildings are on sale for 4500 — 5200 euros for sq.m.
Investments into real estate of Helsinki represents investments from 100% providing and profitability 25% per annum.

инвестиции в строительство в хельсинки
Недвижимость в ФинляндииEspoo — city satellite of Helsinki where wealthy inhabitants of the capital region live in the basic.  Real estate cost on average 4900 — 5200 euros for sq.m in new buildings. Some houses located in a coastal zone of the Finnish gulf have cost more expensive much more, however investment strategy of our company doesn't consider investment into similar projects in connection with risks, belonging to changes of inflow of foreigners to Finland. Standard houses in Espoo have cost equal to the cost of Helsinki and are oriented also on the Finnish families, the Finnish clients.
Недвижимость в ФинляндииVantaa - working area of capital region. Certainly in Vantaa there are also "expensive" areas where real estate cost reaches on the average 4100 euros for м2, however on the average real estate cost in Vantaa is 2600 - 3500 euros for м2. Real estate building in Vantaa demands additional work on studying of liquidity of planned building, however Vantaa on the former is of interest for our company and investors.
Real estate building period is 12 months, it is impossible to construct faster because it is optimum term at observance of all norms and standards of building process. Observance of norms gives guarantees to the investor that in the constructed house there will be no problems in guarantee period before the buyer.
Real estate start to sale begins at a building stage (preliminary sale), thus at the moment of readiness of the real estate usually have already the buyers.
If there is no necessity for real estate sale, as the alternative can be real estate rent. Rent usually long-term. The renter pays a guarantee at a rate of 2-3 months and pays monthly the rent. The rent size depends on the area and a structure arrangement. Rent price for standard apartments in capital region surrender from 800 euros and more.

инвестиции в строительство в хельсинки
Short-term investment projects in Helsinki: building of residential real estate within the city of Helsinki . Projects from 350 000 euros and above. Profitability of 20%. Period of investment of 12-14 months.
Long-term investment projects in Helsinki: buy or construction commercial real estate . Projects from 80 000 euros and above. Profitability of 9%.
Real estate in Helsinki has high price for square meter, both in old fund and in new buildings. Due to the great demand on real estate and high prices, Helsinki is ideally suited for investments into real estate. Building of residential real estate it on profitability 20% per annum, and rent within 4-7%.
Capital region it besides Helsinki two more independent cities of "satellites" - Espoo and Vantaa. Real estate cost in these satellites aspires to the prices in Helsinki, however is on average 20-50% lower in comparison in real estate prices of Helsinki. Espoo wins at the expense of the sea where the prices are higher, than in Vantaa. Vantaa is considered more "the working area" of all capital region.
Real estate prices in the central part of Finland on average 50% of the cost of real estate prices in Helsinki. Investments into construction of residential real estate in this region aren't profitable. The Center of Finland perfectly is suitable for private construction, on one of numerous silent sites at the lake in forest area.
Most attractive options on construction of real estate in northern part of Finland this construction in the territory of ski resorts. Business now has some difficulties because of crisis and sanctions, however it is the most optimum option of investments in the north. Building in the cities aren't profitable because of low prices in the north.
4 %
Prices increase

Average growth of real estate prices in Helsinki 4%

Ordinary offer in the real estate market Helsinki:

One-room apartment of 28 sq.m,
located in the house of 1934 of construction worth €150 000.

Rent price
800,00 euro/month

Utility payments
Tax on profit of 29%
Net income

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