Our mission:

Development of row houses and other apartment buildings.

Real Estate in Helsinki not subject to risks in 2015.

Our development is only on the local population. Outflow of tourists and customers from Russia does not affect our work and profitability.

Our partners are proven construction companies. Land for development, we choose among the offers directly from the owners. Control of construction is carried out by qualified Finnish experts.

Development of real estate in the metropolitan area of Finland:
Real Estate DevelopmentReal Estate DevelopmentReal Estate Development


The principle of operation with the investor:

Investor owns 100% of the project. Company InnoTehnologies Oy works on on the basis of confidence control of active.
Our projects on construction of residential real estate projects is from 1 mil euros to 10 million euros.
Income of investor in the project 25%.
The average duration of projects 12-14 months.
If necessary, we are helping to registration of permanent residence in Finland (permanent visa in the EU).

Timo Saini

CEO of InnoTech

Head office

Mechelininkatu 34
00260 Helsinki

Contact phones

+358 40 715 3682
+358 44 919 0061

E-mail and Internet



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